Saturday, November 3, 2007

My PRH Friends....

I belong to a wonderful group of the most charming, loving, supportive ladies anywhere on earth! Just over a year ago, I was looking at the eBay groups for one with some common interests. Let's see...Decorating, Victorian Lifestyles, Sewing, Painting, Antiquing, Gardening, Home Improvements, Cooking and Old Houses. Lots to choose from, so I picked the three that sounded most promising. Over the next few months, I discovered that one didn't talk at all, one was overcrowded and had too much drama for me and one seemed to be a family that didn't care for anyone else in their group (I never did know what they were talking about).

Then, out of the blue, Connie invited me to join a group that she had just started called "Pretty Romantic Homes". Sounded right up my alley, so I said "Yes!". Little did I know that this decision was one of the best on-line ones I've ever made. I quit all the other groups and now belong exclusively to this one. Among other things, we are a close knit group that support each other, but more importantly, we all truly love one another! I don't know that most people have real friends as treasured as these "cyber" sisters are to me.

AND, these ladies are the most remarkably talented on the earth! I wanted to show you just how talented they are by showcasing each one and some of the items that they make. But, I'm going to do one better....Just go down this list and you can see for yourself.

Now, don't skip anyone because they have the most wonderful and beautiful gifts you could find for the holidays! Reasonable prices, too! It's worth the time to visit each one and if you need an update, I'll be putting them on my side bar for easy reference later. Happy Shopping and be prepared to drool a bit.

Ele - A Bit of Heaven

Amy - Bunny Rose Cottage

Rhea - Sweet 'n Shabby Roses

Katie - Roses Breeze Boutique

Lorena - 2 Chic Friends

Connie - Rose Porch Designs

Karen - Second Hand Rose

Celeste - La Rea Rose

Stephanie - Angelic Accents

Sharon - Sweet Victorian Rose

Then, there is me....

Bertie - Aunt May's Cottage