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Victorian Christmas at the Morgan's

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to insert a few photos of our home during Christmas.

I've not shown the entire house as it would take too many photos to show, but here are some of the highlights....

First, we will stop in the dining room. This is the old carriage room attached to the house. It is four steps down from the kitchen on the East side of our home and gets wonderful sun in the mornings.

Close up of the tea cart in the corner.

Buffet loaded with goodies..

View from the head chair.

I'm lucky to have 20 place settings of this china.

The elves are still busy decorating the top of my china hutch.

The "children's" table in the kitchen. They get real china and real silver at grandma's house, too.

I don't decorate much in the living room as that is used to watch Christmas movies after dinner. This is the stairs that lead to the bedroom floor. I also have a sitting room up there (although I very seldom use it).

I do have a nice Angel collection that are scattered throughout the living room. This year I will be making more of them in lighter colors.

Moving on to the parlor. I painted the Santas quite a few years ago. There were 8 of them from different countries but, over the years, the rest have broken. Whatever pottery they are made of, seems to turn to chalk after 20 or so years. The ink drawing was done over 25 years ago.

This is my most precious Christmas decoration. It was painted by my father and stepmother and given to me a few pieces every year until the Christmas of 1984. My Dad died the following month.

Some of my Santa collection sits on the pump organ.

And some on the fireplace mantel
. There are 26 Santas in this room.

I put the tree in the corner of the parlor this year. It usually sits in front of the big window.

I'd like to wish you all a
very Merry Christmas
and the
Happiest of New Years!

Day 21