Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I don't know how I get so busy!! I've been meaning to post on here for almost a month and it has not gotten crossed off my daily list; just moved to the next day. Not that I'm putting it off (or am I??), but I never seem to get to that, or making an appointment to get my glasses changed, or going to the Social Security office, or getting my hair cut!!

Do you have those things on your list? Things that just keep getting moved to the next day (everyday)?

I suppose we get wrapped up in the everyday events that happen that
aren't on our list. Like lunch, bathroom breaks, phone calls or everyday problems that just happen.

I think I'll have to start blocking out a couple of hours just for the unforeseen.

I have been busy in the crafting room! Look what I've done for my little cottage.

I just LOVE this teacups and roses fabric from Shabby Fabrics!!