Friday, July 20, 2007

Girl's Vacation

This year we decided to start a new family tradition and I hope it continues for a long, long, time. I am going on a "mini" vacation with my daughter, granddaughter, granddaugher-in-law and great granddaughter. We call it the "Girl's Vacation".

We've had a couple of meetings about this and everyone thought it would be nice to stay local our first time, so we are visiting a place in our home state of Michigan......Boyne Mountain. Now, the mountain is well known for it's ski resorts and wonderful golf courses, but we won't be doing any of that. We are hitting the little shops, antique stores, flea markets, eateries and beaches in the area. It is, after all, a GIRLS vacation and who could resist a place named the "Flatiron Deli"?

No men allowed! No toilet seat always up! No cooking! No cleaning! No laundry! My 10 year old granddaughter says we won't have to hear any grunting or cussing, put up with greasy hands or dirty smells, watch sports, weather or the Military Channel or kiss anyone's sweaty cheek for a whole week! How divine!!

Dear hubby has consented to let us use our time share for the event. We will be staying in a wonderful Inn called Mountain Run. Because it's all girls, we need lots of bathrooms so we are getting a combined suite and two bedroom unit; three bathrooms, three balconies, two kitchens, three bedrooms, two living rooms, five TVs, and two fireplaces. How cool is that??

I have not had time to read any of my magazines since about February and I have several books I need to crack the bindings on, so I plan to relax and read, watch some old movies on TV (hubby hates those) and maybe not get dressed at all for a whole day. There are some historic sites I wanted to see also. Did you know Ernest Hemmingway had a home up there? It's now a museum on the "must see" list. Then there is Petoskey, which is only about 10 miles from the mountain. This is a little town steeped in history and lovely old Victorian homes. Although, it's oldest structure is a mission built 11 years after our home was.

Also planned is a trip to the largest indoor waterpark in Michigan which is almost across the street from where we will stay. Now, here comes the hard part....I've not been in a bathing suit in over 10 years! I don't even own one (unless you count the black and fucha, size seven, packed away for when I lost all that weight)!

Do I just "let it all hang out"? I don't know anyone there and probably will never see any of them again. Or, do I act like the lady my Mother raised; be reserved and dignified and sit on the sidelines, smiling sweetly, holding the towels and let everyone else have all the fun?

Think I'm going bathing suit shopping this afternoon!



Dawnie said...

I'm so glad you wrote that last sentence, because I was about to scream - You need to get a swimsuit!!! ;) That sounds like a wonderful trip - just like the girl's trips my Mom and Nana used to take, they are memories that I treasure always. Have a wonderful time, and heres to many more to come! :)

vickie said...

You Go Girlfriend!!! You will have sooooo much fun. When are you going? What a wonderful time you will have!

Sharon said...

Wish I was going with you, the trip sounds like so much fun. Be sure to tell us all about it when you return and don't forget to take lots of pictures. Have fun!

Dolly said...

Oh Bertie that sounds like soooo much fun!
Can't wait till my girls get older so we can do girls only trips!
Take lots of pictures so we can all see!!!!

Let loose and enjoy yourself girl!!!!

Luvs ya, Dolly

Miss Rhea said...

Oh the heck with it, go skinny dippin' !! lol Ok, maybe not, but definitely get the swimsuit and dive in !! I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip, and take LOTS of pictures. *smiles*

Stephanie said...

Just hang loose, Bertie & have a blast!! Make lots of pics & lots of memories!! :0)

Angelic Accents

Charmingdesigns said...

Too funny, My pat saying is..."I wont know anybody" and then I see someone LOL. My 25 year old daughter and I are leaving for a road trip to San Fransico in a day fun just the two of us! Laurie

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Bertie! That sounds like a dream vacation! You are going to have a blast! I love Petoskey and Boyne! My uncle has lived in both places so I know the well! He lived in Harbor Springs now. I cant wait to heat all about it! Have a wonderful time!

Love ya,

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...


I laughed out loud when I read your bathing suit comment. Right there with you, girl! Go and have a great time! Sounds so-o-o-o fun! How wonderful to spend time with "just you girls". Ah-h-h-h.


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Bertie... that is such a great idea to take a girls vacation! It sounds like you will have a wonderful time relaxing and having fun! Enjoy your splashing!


Steph said...

How fantastic! My Mom, sister and I do this every year and I'm looking forward to the addition of my niece soon!