Monday, August 13, 2007

July Drawing Winner is....... very good friend, Connie (Living Beautifully)! My granddaughter picked her name for the mixing bowl of contenders. I had some foreign entries this time, too. I am so happy that this beautiful lamp shade will go to a loving home. I hope it brings joy to Connie, too.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I am forced to close my Web Site Guestbook. It's being terribly misused for advertising purposes and bogus email addresses, using much profanity, to vent someone's angry feelings about everything. I just can't take the time to delete 15 to 20 posts every day and I'm sickened while reading them to determine if they are of good content or not.

What a shame that all the good comments have to be redirected because of folks that do not know, or will not read, the reason for a guestbook, even though I've posted it right on the page.

So......I will not be having any more monthly drawings until I can figure out a better way for the applicants to submit their names. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks so much for those of you that participated in the drawings and left wonderful comments for Aunt May's Cottage.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Bertie, I am so sorry!! Why would people do that? Just awful!! You could always have the drawing on your blog, or just put everyone's name that purchased something from you store each month into a drawing.

I am so glad Connie won!! It will look lovely in her home and I am sure she will love it! Who wouldnt?

You are so sweet Bertie! Miss you in PRH!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Bertie, I left a post on here yesterday, did it come through okay?


vickie said...

Lucky Connie!! Oh, Bertie, so sorry to hear that. You try to do something fun and nice, and you get crazies! How are things in the Cottage? You deserve the "Nice" award, because you are!


Miss Rhea said...

How sweet that Connie won !! She is so deserving of every Blessing. That is so nice of you Bertie !

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

YEAH for Connie!!! My "junk' goes automatically to my junk mail, so I just delete everything as a group and never read it. Legitimate ones go ot my e-mail box. Not sure why it works this way, but why don't you direct people on your about me page to your blog if they want to leave a comment. I know it's two clicks instead of one, but the legit ones will take the time to do it. THe other NASTY ones are computer generated and won't be able to pick up on it.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I just started the blog world and found your place. I was so happy to find lovley places as yours.

Sue said...

Hi Bertie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for putting me in your favorites. I'll be back later to look around, looks like we have some things in common..

Natasha Burns said...

Hey Bertie I just closed my guestbook too, I got about 40 spam emails per day, and growing. Drove me insane. I have an idea. Why don't you set up a manual guestbook. Have it link to the 'contact me' page, where people can write to you and you just copy and paste their comments into a page manually. No spam that way.. THey are spammers, not real people targeting you so don't worry, they trawl the internet looking for places with email links and they are all automatic, nothing specifcally targeting you so don't feel bad. I know at least 4 people who have closed their guestbooks for this reason. it is frustrating!!!! (now i have closed it i found i am getting tons of junk mail via my 'contact me' page, but at least i don't have to go approve or delete it!)

Sharon Kay said...

How sad but no matter where we go there are people who do not follow directions or just mess it up for others. Connie is a lucky lady and I am sure she will enjoy the beautiful lampshade......Sharon K

Kathleen Grace said...

Bertie I am so sorry to hear about your guest book troubles! I don't know why some people have to be so nasty! I hope you don't let the experience get to you. You will find a way to get around it I'm sure!

Connie said...

Thanks, Bertie. I just love it. I so appreciate you, honey!!