Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cottage Clearance SALE!!

Sale starts today and runs through January 11th! Don't miss out on some wonderful bargains. Most items are at or below my cost.

Personal Note:

In shopping around Web Stores, I find that lots of them list items that have already been sold. I've come across several web stores that have NOTHING BUT items that they have sold. I don't understand this and feel that I am wasting my time looking at items that are no longer for sale. I want to see something I can buy!

I also notice that many Web Stores will have the same items listed in LOTS of categories. They have dozens of listings, but only a few items....also a waste of my shopping time. Sooo.......'ll see a slightly different face on
Aunt May's Cottage store. No longer will any item be in more than one category. Each item has only one listing on the entire site. I've tried to have a list of categories that applies to most of my items, but now we've added an "Everything Else" category so everything that I sell is covered.

I've always taken my sold items off the listings at the end of the month, but now, you will not see them at all unless you look in the "Sold Items" category. I leave them in there so my customers and friends can order something that I have already sold to someone else or as a reference.

Perhaps you like the medallion that is on a pillow that has sold, but not the pillow itself. Or you like a table cover that has sold, but you need it in a different size. We can use those sold item photos as references for special orders.

You'll also see a pared down look. I tend to jabber on and anyone that knows me will attest to that. I see a lot of sites that will tell in detail the things that they have for sale. They go on and on in their description of what you will see on their site and what you can buy there. I don't want to take time reading....I want to shop! So......there will be less talk and more action on my site.

I will continue to update the Articles (more frequently) and Photo Gallery in case someone wants to educate themselves in the ways of our Victorian ancestors, but most of my talking will be on HERE....the blog.

That's about it this time. Be sure to check out
Aunt May's Cottage often as I will be adding new items during the next few weeks and a couple of brand new lines that I will talk about later.

Bye for now!


Stephanie said...

Hi Bertie! I'll have to check out your cottage sale! I'm with you ~ I like the "clutter" off the websites. Save the clutter for my house!! I'm too gabby on my auctions, need to follow your example & pare them down a bit, toO!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Bertie, I am excited about your big sale! My birthday is January 19th! I sure hope to come an shop with you :)

I so AGREE about the other websites! I have thought the very same thing many times!

Love ya,

celestina marie said...

Bertie, It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. You are on the cutting edge of how shopping should be! I will be stopping in the cottage to see your sale treasures. Love your beautiful floor.
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Celestina

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Bertie, you are so right. /i hate looking at the same item over and over in different categories. Such a waste of time. You have always wonderful advice.