Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Those Were the Good Old Days....

While at an antique show a few weeks ago, I ran across a wonderful booth that had a lot of wedding items in it. I was drawn by a beautiful satin dress in champagne with rosepointe lace. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it had rust spots all over it and the lace almost fell apart when I touched it. It could not have been cleaned as it would have disintegrated.

The vendor assured me that all of the items in that box went with the dress. There was a lovely cloche and veil, tiny shoes, an engraved announcement, what was left of the brides bouquet and a newspaper with the write-up of the wedding that took place with the bride wearing this very dress.

I was commenting to the vendor about how sad I felt that the family of
this lovely bride did not want to keep and cherish these items. She said she bought it from the bride's grandchildren and had asked them time and again if they did not want to hold onto that memory of their grandmother. They told her that they had no room to store "old junk". Sad to say, this the fate of a good many of the antiques I run across. They are discards from family members that do not know how cherish their ancestor's memories.

Most of you won't have any memory of when this newspaper was on the stands. You won't remember when you could buy a pair of shoes for $1.99, or when a really nice dress was $7.99; When a kitchen sink came with it's own metal cabinet or when every woman wore a hat.

There are a lot of things you probably won't remember from 1952. Harry Truman was President and "Ike" was thinking about running for President on the Republican ticket (if he were nominated).

I can remember a few of these things as I was in grade school at that time. Without dating myself, I do remember when Eisenhower came to our town, on a train, to campaign for his Presidency and I remember reading Mary Worth in the comics section of the paper. You could go to the movies for a quarter and popcorn or a candy bar cost a nickel.

I'd love to hear if some of you also remember these wonderful times.

I've briefly skimmed over this newspaper and have had a good chuckle at the prices mostly.

You can buy these memories and this newspaper in my listings on eBay. Just search "Vintage Newspa


Connie said...

I can remember living in Orange, Texas, and going to the saturday afternoon matinee. We'd ride the bus downtown. The matinee had a "serial" of Flash Gordon, a cartoon (sometimes we'd get 2 or 3!) and a main attraction. To get in the movies, get a candy bar, coke and popcorn cost me a total of 50¢!! Yes, fifty cents. And we were thrilled. I used to remember not being able to wait to get home because mom would have supper ready for us and with the "sugar" high that afternoon, real food just sounded sooooo good. I have lots of memories that kids today have no clue about, sweet chickee!!

Miss Rhea said...

Well, I wasn't even a passing thought yet to my mother in 1952, lol, but I do have a few old newspapers and I love looking at them. I have one for D Day. Pretty neat. And sweet Sharon sent me an old glamour magazine. I love it. Neat post, how sad that the grandchildren just discard that stuff. They will regret it later, I'm sure.

Cola's Cottage said...

Hi there! Thank you for visiting me and the lovely comments you left. I am really busy revamping my site and trying to get my art printed to offer for sale. I was delighted to come across your post because you mentioned the old newspapers and I am very interested in that for some altered art I would like to do. Now I know where I can find some neat vintage art inside of those. I have been on the hunt for vintage peices for my gift tags and such. It is very exciting and exhausting. Creativity is such a passion for me and I usually have to download afterward. Nice to hear from you again!
~ Nichole

Katie said...

Bertie I am SO done with dialup. I can't get this post to show the pictures and I'm so mad, I love the gowns like you do and wanted to see the picture of her in it. So sad. I think we need to come into the real world and get direct tv and real internet huh? Hee hee. I get so left in the dust with dialup. Maybe post a pic for me in PRH?

celestina marie said...

Hi Bertie, This is all just fasinating to read about. I love the newspaper and all the prices that things were back then. I was not here yet in 1952, however I recall my family talking about this as I grew up. How sad about the wedding dress.

I redesigned a table just for the gorgeous toile basket you made. Love it in my studio.
Happy Fall,
Blessings, Celestina
la rea rose

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

so sad that the grandchildren didn't want to keep the dress! GReat fun looking at the ads. Just think of all the shoes we could have at $3.00n each!

Wanda said...

I love to tell my 26 year old daughter about how when I was a kid I could go to the store and buy a coke(a large one) a candy bar(a large one) and a comic book for the grand total of 25cents. What a deal.I also played outside all day and never worried about being kidnaped.Memories of days gone by.Thanks for the flash back.TTFN

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

So sad about the dress and the loss of those beautiful things. But, thanks for the look at the paper and all the great ads. Fun to look back....


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Bertie - I wasn't born until later but this sure was a trip down memory lane! It's so sad that people these days don't cherish the things from their ancestors. But I guess that's GOOD news for those of us who appreciate these things & will repurpose them so others can still enjoy them.

Joy said...

I just came over from Rhea's & will be looking at your eBay items, especially for those vintage newspapers. I am a sucker for the ads ~ they tell a story all by themselves!

Linda said...

Aunt May,
Loved hearing about the 50's. I was born in '47 but I remember wearing an "I like Ike" button. I remember my mother snapping down a thermometer but I couldn't (now I can but don't have to). I had to snap down a thermometer (I had an old one) to take the temperature of my granddaughter two days ago. I showed my daughter how to do it and she promptly went out and bought one that had different colors show up for different temperatures.
Love your blog and your stuff!