Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's Under There??

All of the beautiful Victorian homes that you see in the magazines are staged to look the best that they can. Most times you will see items that are put there for "show" only and not part of the everyday living of the owners. We LIVE in our home, so this parlor is in use every day by a real family and their cat. Even though we were not of this age, we use the old toys, games and books in this room and are happy to share the stories that they evoke with our grandchildren.

Sometimes things are not what they seem and this post is to show you a few ways that you can "cheat" and get the look you want without the price that you don't.

I've already shown you a couple of those with the footstool and the fern stand. Here are a couple more..

This beautiful corner covered table has been my largest display surface in the parlor. It holds my teacup while I read, it holds the cat while she looks out the window and it changes with the seasons and my moods. I don't know what I would do without it.

Lest you think it is a valuable family heirloom, here's a look under the lovely coverings. It's a $10.00 plastic yard table! I bought this about 9 years ago to use on my patio. It served its purpose there for many years and has now moved (stains and all) into my favorite room in the house. It also hides Fraidy Cat's toy box and occasionally Fraidy herself if she is in the mood to play her hide-and-jump-out-to-scare-the-pants-off-you game.

Here's another cute table that Fraidy often uses for her games. It's a great place to hide when someone comes to the house that she doesn't know. She can keep an eye on their feet to see when they leave.

It's one of those three legged cheapos that you can find in your nearest dollar store.

Tables are for more than hiding things. Sometimes I like to put something sheer over one so you can almost see a wonderful surprise under there. Here is one of those. Sidebar: the lamp on this table was purchased at a local antique store. The shade is not a replica, but a true Victorian antique....all hand stitched with beautiful trims. The cherub base is plaster.

A little closer look....

Under here is a darling vintage Moss Rose children's tea set resting on an antique wedding hanky. I'm proud to have two of these sets and will give one each to my great grandgirls when they are old enough to not use them for weapons of mass destruction.

Now, here's what you've been waiting for. The treasures on my large round table are shown below. There are white lines around the items that are in the give away. You can start your own Vintage Vignette with them. Just comment under any of the parlor posts and your name will go in the drawing dish. The more times you comment, the more times your name is in the pot. Drawing is November 1st!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my 1848 Victorian Parlor and that you have come away with some wonderful ideas to decorate your own home. Thanks for stopping by...........


Connie said...

I do the same thing, sweetpea. Aren't we clever?! LOL Beautiful vignettes!

Sharon said...

Keep those pretty pics coming of your grand old home. When do we get to see other rooms??? Love that pink fringe shawl.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Bertie! What a wonderful post! I dare not show anything that lurks beneath my tables! I need to try to incorporate your great idea of a sheer with prettiness peeping thru somewhere! How special that your granddaughters will someday have such pretty little teasets. Great giveaways ~ just think, instant ancestors in pretty frames!

Have a great weekend ~ we've actually got sunshine instead of rain!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Jennifer said...

Betie I make tables from thigs too.Those totes come in handy also.I like the table with the tea set under the cloth.My cats would push that down and sleep there though.LOL They love to sleep under tables.I like the idea of the toy box under there too.Hugs,Jennifer

Shirl said...

Hello Bertie! What a beautiful and interesting post. Your room is just georgous! I love your ideas for tables and I love a table like that in a corner to set and have a cup of tea. Cute stories about Fradi cat too! So cute with the sheer tablecover with teaset underneath. I enjoy your blog and all your ideas so much!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Bertie! We are indeed Kindred spirits!!! I just LOVE how you *hide* things in plain sight! And the fact that we DO live in our purty homes makes it even better!

Hope I get picked!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bertie,
Thanks for stopping by & the well wishes.
I love all of your table ideas. I especially love the one with the see through cover with the teaset.
My cats like to hide under my table covers too.
Have a great week ahead & thank you for sharing your lovely parlor & neat ideas with us.

vickie said...

Bertie, the lamp and shade are beautiful, love the pink fringe shawl too! Everything is so pretty.