Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thoughts on Our Cars

Today, I thought I'd post one of the articles from my new web site. These articles will be tips on Victorian, Cottage or Romantic decorating from my over 30 years of research on the subject.

Of course, some will just be thoughts of mine as is this one...

DON'T FORGET YOUR CAR! Many of us spend several hours a day in our automobiles. Why not make it as comforting as home? On that long ride to and from work or to visit relatives or friends, wouldn't it be nice to have that same warmth and serenity you enjoy when you are in your own living room or parlor?

Here are ten ways to do that.....Look at the backseat of your car. Doesn't it look like a couch? Why not treat it as one!

1) Put pretty throw pillows in your passenger and/or back seat.

2) Place a great looking fringed throw on the seat.

3) Set some decorated boxes on the floor to organize those nasty piles of papers, mail or trash.

4) A small pretty basket could hold some magazines to read while you are waiting for the kids after their soccer game.

5) Use one of my sachets for aroma control instead of those ugly car fresheners. Lavender will envelope your new sanctuary with only a hint of warm sunshine releasing that soothing fragrance.

6) Try a pretty lace doily over the back of your seat or peeking out from under your sun visor.

7) Hang a string of pearls, glass beads or chandelier prisms on your rearview mirror for continued sparkle and whimsy.

8) Place your favorite (unbreakable) collectibles in your back window. Change them out with the seasons or your mood.

9) How about a stained glass sun catcher hung on your side window.

10) Use small, floral rugs on the floor of your car, especially in the back seat.

Let your vehicle also reflect the romantic you! Just take a few of your favorite items from your home and put them in your car to make it more YOU.

For some wonderful items to accomplish this look , visit my website at http://auntmayscottage.com.


Ele said...

Bertie, you ARE the victorian queen, even decorating your car!

Lori said...

Oh what a wonderful idea! Love it, Monte Carlo here I come!!!! So glad I came across you, oops forgot whose blog! You will royally be added to my blog today! Lori

Lori said...

Well wellI just went through your shop do you live in Niles, MI? Email me through by blog, we maybe somewhat close neighbors! Lori

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

My sister has the coolest car, done up with many of your ideas! It is always a treat to ride with her.

Stephanie said...

Wow, Bertie, I'd NEVER thought about decorating my car!! Can't you just see my DH if I put prisms on the rearview mirror! Think I'll give it a whirl!!

LOVE all your ideas!

Angelic Accents

*Heidi* said...

welcome to blogland! I found you thru Dolly's blog! I can honestly say I've never thought about pretting-up my car! Now that's romantic at heart, through and through! (do I get any points for using a small candle for my car freshioner? when it's warm it really gives a beautiful scent!)

uzzzulose said...

Safety first - remember that anything loose in the car will become a missle in the event of an accident. Trinkets in the back window and anything on the dashboard could fly around and stike someone in the head or eyes. So please consider this when decorating the inside of your car.