Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Baby Girl's Birthday

I know that I said we would talk about architecture this week and I promised to relay some information about Queen Anne homes, BUT I feel a little sidetracked this morning and want to share something else.

Yesterday was my only daughter's birthday. For HER birthday she brought ME this doll! I gave her a plant.

Now, she's not only beautiful, she is huge! She stands a little over three feet tall! AND she looks amazingly just like my daughter, Tammy!

Her beautiful dress and hat have such great detail. The dress itself is gold brocade with three kinds of lace trim. The underskirt is a soft organdy print in gold and cream over satin. The really amazing thing about this doll is, it's an umbrella! Yup, the skirt opens just like an umbrella.

I've got to find a special place for her. Right now she is sitting on the coffee table in the living room...right in front of hubby's spot on the couch. He's not happy with that, but I love going by and seeing her there. Just for a couple more days. You know how it is.

Did I mention she is porcelain? Her hat has a white feathered crown and her hair is in long spiral curls.

Isn't her face just beautiful?

How lucky am I?


Dolly said...

Lucky you....
Bertie she is beautiful!

You raised a good girl...givin her mom presents on her birthday! how sweet and thoughful is that!

Hugz, Dolly

Stephanie said...

Bertie, what a treasure ~ your daughter, I mean. Of course, the doll is right up my alley, too. But boy, I've got goosebumps reading that YOU got a gift from Tammy on HER birthday. You are really a terrific mom & this proves it!

Hugs to you & Tammy!

Angelic Accents

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Bertie ~ She is gorgeous! I love her. My mom would freak! She loves and collects dolls. I love how big she is! What a sweetheart your daughter is! And on her birthday too! You are very lucky!

My email address is Cant wait to see the bunny pics!

Ele said...

Your daughter does look like her. I think your a blessed pair!

vickie said...

Oh, Bertie, she is lovely! What a great daughter you have. So sweet that she gives you a present on her birthday!

love.boxes said...

You are a lucky duck.. I hope my daughter loves me like that when she grows up. :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Bertie she is so beautiful! How lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!