Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Before & After or Come Into My Parlor....

....said the spider to the fly.

I believe that we never really have a house but that we are it's caretakers for the short time that we inhabit it. Every house has a character of its own and this old place has seen many, many inhabitants. Some that cared about her and, sadly, some that didn't. When I saw her, I knew she needed someone that cared enough to give her back her youthful beauty. After all, she was showing her age at 156 years old.

(click on any picture to enlarge)


Testing the paint color on the wall at left.

Wall of books.

What was I thinking??

Fireplace awaiting the gas insert.


Coming in the front door from the foyer

Looking to the left.

Straight ahead at the big window.

Around the corner to the right.

From the other side of the room.

Fireplace detail

Looking back at the front door. That's the foyer beyond.

Changes in this room are..... new crown molding, paint on walls, ceiling and trim, new trim around doorways, fireplace and floor, refinished floor, new bookcase, new lighting and chandelier, fireplace insert, mirror above fireplace, new carpet, old furniture and new artwork.

We did all of the work ourselves, so this room cost remarkably little to complete from Before to After.

This room was the original dining room but, since you couldn't burn the fireplace with a table sitting in front of it, we moved the dining room to the old carriage room on the other side of the kitchen. This room has had a couple of different looks since the "before" shown here. It was more of a library then. We have a computer room that has a wall of bookshelves that we use to store most of our books now as we never sat in here anyway. I think I like this look for this room the best. What do you think?

Stay tuned as I discuss in more detail several parts of this room in posts to follow. I'll also show several before and after make-overs in here that you can do for
a few minutes and few dollars. You'll also see some secrets to this room that will surprise you.

Isn't she pretty now?? Not bad for 161 years old, huh?

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vickie said...

Absolutely beautiful, Bertie. I love the large victorian lampshade/lamp, and of course, the chandy, the rug, the paint, the fireplace, on and on.....all gorgeous. Job well done.

Katie said...

Oh it is so beautiful! The pink/ruby colors and the cream touches just really take my fancy.

It is so real looking, like, you stepped back in time. Just fabulous

Connie said...

Stunningly beautiful, sugar! I love how it finally turned out. The rug is gorgeous with the paint. You're one true Victorian lady, honey.

Sharon said...

Oh Bertie your magazine ready in this room, it turned out just beautiful. All your hard work really paid off, this is a classic esample of what elbo grease and a few good ideas can achieve. You should be very proud of your work.

Anonymous said...

I love this gorgeous room! I love the shade of pink you used on the walls!
This was a gorgeous makeover & magazine worthy for sure.
Can't wait to see more details about your makeover.
Thank you for stopping by & checking out my bedroom bliss. Now you have inspired me to get painting that pink on my walls.

The Victorian Parlor said...


It's beautiful!!! I can't get over the transformation! Your house must be so much happier now:). I am so looking forward to visiting again soon!



Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Are you serious about your house being 161 years old?!!! There weren't even houses where I live 161 years ago! I love your house Bertie, I love all it's character, nooks, crannies, and of course your decorating. What a beautiful redo. I'm impressed and if I ever get a chance to come and sit on your beautiful Victorian couch, I'm there! Gorgeous.

Secondhandrose said...

The transformation is amazing Bertie. It should be in a magazine! That color is delighful.


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Bertie, WOW what a beautiful makeover. You have certainly worked your magic to bring back all the gorgeous glory of this style. I would love to sit here and visit. What a dream room. You worked so hard and it really shows. I love that window. The fireplace is gorgeous. The rug and the chandelier are perfect. I just love lace and your pieces are stunning. Can't wait to see the ideas you used. You are so talented my friend and I love how you put everything together.
Really should be in a magazine for all to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by. Always great to see you. We are on a staycation this week and doing odd jobs around the house. See you when I am back in the studio.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Dolly said...

Two thumbs up to you dear friend....
you did an amazing job capturing the victorian feel in that room.
I enlarged every picture to see all the details.... wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!!

You are so right....it goes very well with my victorian porch! :-)

I know your home is smiling!
It is very happy to have you as its caretaker!


P.S. we might be coming down your way soon... if things go as planned that is!

Jennifer said...

Oh Bertie this room looks so pretty!I love your sofa the lace curtains and paint color makes the room look so victorian.It looks so comfy and cozy.I would love to see all of your house.Old homes are just beautiful.Do you ever watch If these walls could talk?I love that show.Lots old homes like yours with hidden secrets and mystery.LOve it!Hugs to you,Jen

Shirl said...

Hello Bertie, how pretty your room is. Just stunning, should be in a magazine! I love the crown moulding, the lace on the mantel is georgous! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Vintage To Chic said...

Hey Lady, Great job, so inviting, I love what you have done.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Bertie! Goodness gracious! This room has always been a favorite of mine, but it is absolutely stunning with all the Bertilicious touches you've added! The color is awesome, love how it accents the pretty ceiling molding. I love that fringed lamp, the pillows, the sofa, the mirrored fireplace. The chandy is gorgeous & I love the tabletop candelabra with all the bling!!! I enlarged all the pics to drink it all in. I'm sure I'll be back again to pour over these pics often.

Love you,
Angelic Accents

SueLovesCherries said...

What a wonderful transformation! The room just pops and screams, "Look at me, I'm an elegant lady"! Everything is just perfect - the chandelier, settee, piano and mirror . . . congratulations!

rosechicfriends said...

I just love how your new wall colors make the wood just POP and look like its always been there like this. Now, come on over to my parlor and help me get one that looks as good as your! I LOVE Victorian and you have Hit the mark, my dear friend!!!


Therese said...

You have made me late for work!Just CANNOT tear myself away from your wonderful beautiful pictures, I'm sure my boss will understand - NOT.
Cant wait to visit this beautiful house again this evening.

Therese said...

There is a very welcoming feeling
to your lovely home, it seems so happy and cherished.

The lovely pink/ruby colour and lace doilies give it a lovely warm ambience.

Kind regards

Debbie said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I love your color choice! I have the same color in my Dining Room!