Friday, August 28, 2009

It's All In The Details...

This third post in my series will show you some of the details in the parlor. Be sure to catch all of the photos in this series.

This antique pump organ was purchased at a barn sale. I was leaning on it while my friend was paying for her items when a gentleman asked me if I would be interested in buying it. Thinking he was joking, I told him that I was sure that I could not afford such a fine piece of history. He asked me how much I thought it was worth. After a little more conversation he said, "If you can get this out of here today, you can have it for a hundred bucks". What???!! I told him that I'd be right back with the truck. Wouldn't you??

Detail of the crown molding and corner crown blocks. These make it easy to do the corners if you have walls that are over 100 years old and are not square. They are worth their weight in gold for the headaches they prevent.

This stack of little books are treasures that I have picked up since we bought our home. They are all copyrighted in 1848 and are a delight to read. One is written in German, so I have no idea what it says, but it's nice to have items from the year our house was built in it. The exception is the book on the top. It is a Bible written in 1846 that my great-great-great-grandfather carried with him during the Civil War. Inside is a piece of red silk that I believe to be from his sword sash.

Below is an old clock case. I bought it this way from an antique dealer in town that had a box of stuff in his back room to sort through. Being a long time customer and after my weekly purchase, he let me go through it and pick out anything I wanted for $5.00. This was my choice. Inside is the first bouquet given to me by my hubby while we were dating and a couple of lace collars that were my great-grandmothers.

This is my collection of Hall's China. Hall, I understand, was given as a premium by the Jewel Tea Man on his weekly routes to deliver and take orders for food, spices and household items. There were many Hall patterns to choose from and this is the Silhouette pattern. I have this particular pattern because a small set of about 5 pieces were given to me by my grandmother in 1968 when she moved into a nursing home from her long time residence. I have been collecting them ever since and now have accumulated over 40 pieces.

This little vignette is comprised of a re-vamped thrift store find on the top left, the tea pot that goes to my set of vintage Stetson china, a Battenburg lace fan, a photo of hubby and me on our first trip to Branson and the last bouquet given to me by hubby. I always display items in groups of odd numbers. For some reason, it's more pleasing to the eye and mind.

Looking up again to the ceiling medallion. The chandelier had to be moved to the center of the room but it left a huge hole in the ceiling that I could not patch with my still recovering right arm, so I opted for the Victorian's way of hiding things......under something beautiful. Now, my plan is to complete the ceiling with some type of border around the edge, but that will have to wait for a fully recovered right arm.

The chandelier was a purchase that I made after my friend, Connie, got one. I love hers so much that I had to have one, too. Soon this will be a makeover as I am in the process of making shades for it.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more details in the next post and don't forget to leave a comment for the upcoming drawing. More about that later....


Connie said...

Bertie does details like no other chick; I guarantee that!

The Victorian Parlor said...


I agree completely that the beautiy is in the details! Victorians were wonderful about the details and I love how you have followed their lead! As for the organ-yup, I would have bought it too:). We used the corner pieces for the moldings in our living and dining rooms as the ceiling angles were different so we couldn't match the corners-those little things really are great! I so enjoy visiting your blog and love all of your wonderful decorating ideas!



Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I remember the excitement the day you told of scoring that piano!! It is so lovely. Love the pic of you & hubby in Branson ~ how cute! Your vignettes are always so sweet and well thought-out. Thanks for sharing more about the Silhouette China, I so love it. Love how you decorated with the empty clock case! Pardon my ignorance, but what is the long cylinder thingy next to your ggg-grandfather's bible on the tabletop?

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Jennifer said...

Bertie I can't believe 100.00 for that organ? wow what a deal.Wow do u ever come across the best of them.I really like your built in china cabinet.I always wanted one like it,sometimes you can find them in antique stores here but they are a furtune.Hugs,Jen

vickie said...

Love the chandy, Bertie! The molding looks fabulous.

vickie said...

Love the chandelier and the organ is fabulous!